Firco Training – How to Manage Listed Entities in Firco Multi-List Manager

Firco MultiList Manager is the tool which generates the reference file used by the filter to screen listed entities. This application allows uploading, correcting, enriching and consolidating any type of list (Sanctions, PEP, internal) based on your specificities. Having a deep understanding of its functionalities is key to ensuring optimal screening results. This course will give you a full understanding of the tool’s functionalities. It will also present you good practices related to the list management activity.


  • FMMU1


  • 1 day


  • This course is intended for the list manager and any person involved in the list management process


  • FFSU1
  • Knowledge of Windows and its applications


  • Memo
  • Exercises
  • Training Data
  • Quiz


  • Becoming acquainted with the list management concepts
  • Identifying fields conventions and their impact
  • Becoming autonomous in managing any type of lists
  • Feeling comfortable using the tool


  • Create, modify, or delete entries (listed entities, exceptions, country embargoes…)
  • Import / update lists (Sanction lists, PEPs, internal, Firco List Service…)
  • Correct format problems in lists
  • Use patches to automate the correction process
  • Manage synonyms
  • Enrich list with BIC Codes of listed banks
  • Export files for filtering
  • Generate list on Excel or XML for reporting
  • Check logs
  • Search in the application

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