Firco Training – Hands-On Filtering with Firco Filter Classic

Based on a user-friendly and functional tool called Firco Filter Classic, this half-day hands-on course is dedicated to the understanding of Fircosoft filtering process. Participants will practise and experiment the screening process from the selection of the input data to the alert analysis. They will also be introduced to the main parameters and filtering features which can have an impact on the detection of alerts.


  • FFSU2


  • Half-day


  • This course is aimed at any person involved in the implementation of a solution of Firco Filtering Suite.


  • FFSU1
  • Knowledge of Windows and its applications


  • Memo
  • Exercises
  • Training Data


  • Understanding the filtering environment
  • Getting acquainted with the key data used for filtering
  • Appraising the impact of filtering features


  • Identify input data used for filtering
  • Define the filtering format
  • Perform screening
  • Analyse results
  • Identify the various types of hits
    (embargo, aliases, codes, transliteration…)
  • Get introduced to algorithms
  • Understand the treatment of geographical
    information (duplicates, severity modes…)

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