Firco Training – Components and Troubleshooting of Firco Filter Engine

Firco Filter Engine is the cornerstone of Fircosoft filtering solutions. Administrators in charge of running these applications must have a clear understanding of the filter’s environment, the various components as well as the main troubleshooting which may occur.


  • FFEA1


  • Half-day


  • Intended for the person(s) in charge of administrating Firco Filter Engine


  • FFSU1 course
  • Knowledge of Windows and its applications


  • Presentation
  • Memo
  • Exercises
  • Training Data
  • Quiz


  • Understanding the filter’s environment
  • Defining the filtering parameters
  • Being able to read and understand the log files
  • Identifying and solving the main troubleshooting


  • Become familiar with the components of the filter
  • Identify files to add or upgrade regularly (license, resource file, lists, rules…)
  • Define the parameters of the configuration file
  • Send queries to the filter via the client program
  • Understand the information contained in the log file
  • Identify and solve the most common issues which might occur

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