Firco Trade Compliance (formerly Trade Finance)

The challenging world of transactions

When it comes to trade finance your organisation faces a real challenge. You must achieve the highest levels of compliance to avoid any implication of complicity in the finance of rogue states, terrorism and organised crime.

At the same time, with a slowdown in global trade and increased compliance costs, you must maintain cost-effective and operational efficiency. It’s a balancing act.

The traditional manual approach to trade screening has its limitations and may well risk your organisation’s reputation. How? By failing to meet customer expectations and by not implementing regulatory process excellence.

What’s needed is a solution that offers automation of screening with the highest quality data that’s regularly updated.

What’s needed is Firco Trade Compliance

Our trade compliance automated screening solution allows you to perform all your checks in one place. Whether that’s about the customer sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), or the trading activity itself – goods, destination location, or transport vessel. It’s all you need for fast, rigorous and cost-effective screening that will never let you down.

The benefits of Firco Trade Compliance

Firco Trade Compliance will quite simply revolutionise the way you handle trade finance compliance, as it will:  

  • automate your workflow and screening for trade finance customers
  • improve turnaround time for processing applications
  • improve the standard of compliance
  • utilise the best in class data across for sanctions, goods, transport vessels and destined locations
  • reduce reputational risk
  • reduce the manpower needed for checking tasks
  • streamline operations and reduce false positives
  • adapt to your needs and jurisdictions

The features of our all-in-one solution

Firco Trade Compliance provides a comprehensive and intelligent approach to screening for trade finance – combining advanced and enhanced features: 

  • an advanced screening tool – when updates occur it will flag where you need to take action
  • enhanced global regulation list – that’s constantly updated to bring you the best and most recent information

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Vessel sanctions and Dual-Use goods

We have two invaluable features that give you the most comprehensive data on vessel sanctions and screening for dual-use goods.

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