Screening Operations Controller

The core module complements Firco Utilities, filling the gaps of the many ad-hoc procedures currently employed by institutions. It provides a process for controlling screening operations, including reviewing delta lists and rules changes, as well as workflow validation and integrated deployment.

This module provides a clear and complete audit trail, eliminating the high risk to systems, which can be prone to manual errors and the loss of valuable information. Screening Operations Controller includes the following features:

  • Watchlist and rule update review and validation
  • Impact assessment of updates and secure deployment
  • Live and historical access to filter configuration(s)
  • Full traceability of user and system actions
  • A centralised, controlled, and collaborative process for configuration updates throughout all filters

Key Benefits

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  • Enables compliance teams to manage and deploy sanctions and PEP screening lists and update rules, with the ability to test impacts of the changes and manage the compliance policy more efficiently
  • Allows departments to collaborate and respond within a secure and controlled process
  • Eliminates manual file handling to test and feed screening engines, avoiding the potential for malicious changes
  • Provides the ability to audit all events related to validation of screening parameters which can be easily shared as evidence in any audit request
  • Gives greater proof of control, risk prevention and security in overall sanction and PEP screening management
  • Provides a view of the status of SLAs in list update management to deliver confidence you will hit all SLA’s and identify any potential risk
  • Allows easy access to past settings and context to enable rapid response to regulatory and internal client requests for forensic analysis