Firco Live Services


The rapidly changing regulatory environment, increased scrutiny of regulators and auditors and high complexity of compliance operations have increased the need for visibility, efficiency and control over the full process of financial crime screening.

Introducing a new level of command and control

The new Firco Live Services solution suite has been designed through consultation with clients to meet regulatory requirements with an end-to-end policy control process. It offers an additional layer of security over screening configuration – from definition, testing and implementation to tracking through collaboration and analytics.

Firco Live Services provides compliance officers with the confidence and assurance that they are in control, with unprecedented visibility over their screening operations. It allows them to confidently and easily determine results and provide proof of control to the regulator. It also allows compliance operations to find new internal operational efficiencies and improve responsiveness, by providing complete end-to-end visibility and security over screening.

Key Benefits

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  • Provides an all-in-one tool for centralised control of the process and for distributed teams to work collaboratively
  • Ensures configuration integrity with secured process and no manual file handling
  • Enables compliance teams to respond to queries from internal auditors or regulators in a few clicks, including forensic investigations
  • Streamlines process & resources based on risk and criticality
  • Monitors and proposes recommendations to improve efficiency
  • Introduces more efficient testing capabilities


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Firco Live Services complements the Firco Continuity and Firco Trust screening solutions. Its functionality will be continuously enhanced with new modules developed to deliver even greater capabilities, addressing current pain points, as well as adjusting to new regulatory and cost challenges.

The core module, Screening Operations Controller, is designed to enable greater compliance agility over screening activities.

Following the initial release, further modules and new capabilities will be added, providing even greater functionality to the core module.

Screening Operations Controller
Advanced Modules