Firco Filter

The complex world of screening

In recent years, the global sanctions landscape has become significantly more volatile and complex. Recent developments – including increased scrutiny around terrorist financing – demands greater attention from financial institutions such as yours.

More than ever you need a solution that helps you manage the significant complexity in sanctions screening. A solution that is sophisticated enough to effectively screen high transactions volumes and customers against watchlists and sanctions globally.

You need Fircosoft filtering technology

Fircosoft’s unique filtering technology provides world-class screening in highly configurable solutions you can trust. Solutions that can be finely tuned to reflect your compliance policy and fit your specific requirements for delivering the performance you need in operations. Ultimately, they will limit false alerts and enable excellence in compliance operations.

The benefits

While the technology behind the Firco Filter is complex – your experience of using the filter is as simple as possible. It offers you:

  • maximum precision – ensure full risk coverage by making sure your transaction and customer screening erases all relevant hits.
  • maximum effectiveness – save time, money and resource by dramatically reducing the number of false positive hits each screening run produces.
  • maximum performance –The Firco Filter has excellent throughput capabilities and is flexible enough to scale to absorb huge volumes and still be reliable. So, you can be sure cut-offs will be met, and your mission critical application is secure.  It helps you focus on the activity and alerts that really matter by clearly identifying and prioritising the highest risk results.

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Firco Filtering technology features

Filtering technology for financial screening | Firco Filtering Technology
  • comprehensive recognition of abbreviations, acronyms, first names in different languages, professional and honorific titles, country names in different languages, ISO codes and major cities around the world.
  • configurable settings and advanced algorithms that you can use to optimise filter results to best fit your own risk appetite and compliance policies.
  • detection of all relevant hits through advanced linguistic analysis (screening of data in any language including Latin, Chinese and Korean, plus transliteration for Cyrillic, Arabic, Katakana, Greek and Chinese).
  • 24/7 real-time filtering capable of handling the largest scale critical operational environments.
  • comparison of customer and transaction data against any sanction or watchlist (including lists provided by governments, internal sources, Dow Jones, World-Check and WorldCompliance™.
  • compatibility with any message structure as input, including Free Format Text, CHIPS, SIC, FEDWIRE, SWIFT and XM.
  • flexibility to operate on a variety of technical platforms with easy integration modes that allows integration within existing complex system environments.