Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to reduce false positives, improve match accuracy, and prioritise risk for greater operational efficiency.

Assess your current challenges with account screening

Manually validating customer databases against sanction lists and other lists can generate hundreds of thousands of alerts. Each alert may need to be assessed to determine accuracy, quality and potential risk, which can significantly drain compliance resources.

Firco Entity Resolution Filter, part of the Firco Insight solution, is a secondary screening engine and surveillance tool. It enables you to identify Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Reputationally Exposed Persons (REPs). Using AI techniques to explore patterns of interaction, uncover non-obvious relationships and flag anomalies, Firco Entity Resolution Filter delivers significant improvements in false positives and hit rates to help mitigate risk. By ranking or scoring true and probable matches by ‘severity’ you can gain a clear view of what is the potential largest risk to your bank

AI Techniques

Accuity applies AI techniques to its patented risk ranking methodology and probability scoring to identify—and prioritize—matches with the highest risk and most severe consequences. This powerful combination of applications has a profound effect on results by increasing accuracy, eliminating false negatives and substantially decreasing false positives.

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