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Transaction screening – a balancing act

The world of transactions is an ever-changing landscape. The increase of real-time payments means that money is now moving and settling faster than ever.

There’s also been a proliferation of regulations over the last 10 years, as well as a faster turnaround in sanction list updates.

To keep up, your organization must implement more rigorous transaction screening, while still keeping the processing of millions of transactions flowing.

It’s a balance you need to achieve in order to meet customer expectations and protect yourself against risk, fines and reputational damage.

Designed with banks, for banks

 Firco Continuity offers you a sophisticated, robust and efficient real-time transaction screening solution. It will:

  • implement and prove regulatory compliance in transaction screening
  • adhere to your internal risk policy
  • maintain a high straight-through processing rate
  • keep your compliance costs down.

Firco Continuity has become a world-standard transaction screening solution for banks.

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The benefits of Firco Continuity

Real-time Transaction Screening | Reduce False Positives | Firco Continuity

Demonstrate Compliance with action

  • With Firco Continuity 5.9 you can show retrospective proof to auditors and regulators of your compliance policy in action.

Streamlined operations

  • Run real-time transaction screening that’s so efficient it never misses any true hit.
  • Reduce false positives by configuring screening according to your own needs and risk profile.
  • Make it work for you. Our system is flexible and configurable, so you can adapt to your own organisational structure and specifics.
  • Ensure decision-making is based on the latest and most comprehensive data.

Secure your reputation

  • Minimise the reputational and financial risk to your organisation, by taking the risk out of transactions.
  • Maintain high straight-through processing rates.
  • Ensure impeccable regulatory compliance with our world-class screening: screening that suits your bank’s brand and reputation.
  • Create a clear audit trail to demonstrate.

Control cost

  • Cut the cost of compliance thanks to a low hit rate and minimum manual intervention.

Excellent features come as standard

Since 2000, we’ve been recognised as the premier provider of watch list filtering solutions. But we consistently work to bring you better features, such as:

  • a powerful filtering engine
  • highly configurable platform
  • over 40 algorithms to choose from
  • manages lists from any source
  • supports translation and transliteration
  • flexible interface that’s intuitive and easy to use.

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