Firco Compliance Link

Firco Compliance Link is a universal financial crime screening solution that automates assessment of sanctions and money laundering risk. It will enable your team to:

  • intergrate screening of customer accounts, financial transactions and shipments of goods into one tool
  • streamline user experience for screening analysts, administrators, and IT
  • explaining screening activity to regulators, auditors, and executives alike

With one of the widest customer bases in the industry, Firco Compliance Link is a tried-and-tested solution preferred by customers with a variety of financial crimes compliance requirements.

Download the Firco Compliance Link Brochure

What benefits does Firco Compliance Link offer your team?

Integrate all your screening processes

  • Offer your team the capacity to screen all your financial and trade activity as well as your customer and commercial relationships against a full breadth of financial crime data in one central application.
  • Embed a comprehensive suite of filter-optimized data from Firco Global Watchlist to facilitate financial crime screening. Fuel screening with trusted information on sanctions, regulations, politically exposed persons (PEPs), reputationally exposed persons (REPs), and more.
  • Connect to Online Compliance, an enhanced due diligence (EDD) tool where you can do further investigation on the networks of interconnected entities that the individual, company or vessel you are investigating may be tied to.

Streamline user experience

  • Automate one-time or ongoing screening activities, and ensure that one-off look-ups are centrally reviewed.
  • Implement with our RESTful API to integrate your 3rd-party systems efficiently and flexibly.
  • Tailor your user interface by enabling analysts to only see relevant information needed to screen efficiently.
  • Leverage our sophisticated case management and business rules so your team can minimize the burden of unnecessary screening activity.

Explain your screening

  • Tracks all activity on matches and any entered data, preparing you to answer any question regulators or auditors have about your screening decisions.
  • Trust our effective screening model to enable your firm to meet sanctions, AML, and export controls requirements based on regulatory standards, industry norms, and your firm’s risk appetite.