Firco Compliance Link – Features

Excellent features come as standard

By listening to our customers, we consistently work to bring you better and more fine-tuned features.

Today we offer these features as standard:

Data for Screening

Our solution screens financial transactions, accounts, customer files, and individual lookups against a collection of sanctions lists, data enhancements, politically exposed persons (PEPs) data, dual-use and controlled goods lists, vessel sanctions, and enhanced due diligence lists. It also allows you to create and maintain your own private screening data.

Screening Algorithms

Benefit from a range of screening profiles to meet the needs of your organisation, including phonetic, fuzzy logic, Accuity token matching, and dual-use and controlled goods matching capabilities.

All of the algorithms available can be combined in multiple permutations to intelligently configure each business unit’s program.

You can also further screen your data in several local languages.

Match Management

Our solution offers increased productivity while offering greater regulatory control with its comprehensive case management, workflow and prioritisation tools. It analyses and manages all matches, distributes hits for review, and assigns customised risk scores to meet your organisation’s risk assessment and tolerance levels.

Using highly sophisticated rules and actionable recommendations from Accuity’s Professional Services Group (PSG), you can reduce the number of false positives that require additional review.

Data Preparation

For better control of false positive matches, Compliance Link properly formats your data before screening, parsing messages in SWIFT MT, ACH (including IAT), and FEDWIRE formats. It can also instantly translate non-Latin names to their Latin equivalents e.g. Chinese and Arabic.

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