Compliance Link Version 3.3 – August 2017

We are excited to announce our newest version of Compliance Link (version 3.3).

On August 26th, we will be releasing the new version to you, our Compliance Link and Automated Screening Manager (ASM) customers. Driven by customer feedback and changing technologies, we have improved the product features and enhancements, for better performance and security.

For customers that are on our Hosted solutions, you will begin to see the changes immediately after release. Please review your email notification to understand when the maintenance window on August 26th will take place.

For customers that are on our Intranet (Installed) solutions, you will need to upgrade your existing version. To begin to see these new enhancements and features, you will need to reach out to your Accuity Account Manager.

Below you will find detailed information on the enhancements included and more information on Compliance Link and Automated Screening Manager (ASM).

If you would like to arrange a meeting with your Account Manager to discuss upgrading, please click on the button below.

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Compliance Link New Features & Updates

New features and updates:

  • Compliance Link, Compliance Link Web Service and the Interactive Look-up (ILS) feature are now compatible with WebLogic 12c
  • Screening issues have been resolved; when an entity ID is missing from the Add/Change PEP list. The scenario will no longer produce an exception when using the Risk Scorecard during screening
  • An update has been implemented which resolves Risk Scorecard creation issues. If a scoring component is selected, a weight must be added or an error message will be provided.

ASM New Features

The Automated Screening Manager (ASM) is becoming our largest application in the Compliance Link family. The needs of the market have shifted from classic batch screening tools to less manual and more intelligent accounts screening solutions. Our customer base provides constant feedback and here are some of the features that we have added to provide a heightened user experience:

Case Search Screen

We have added two new search criteria to the case search screen. Users can now search for a specific case or a range of cases (by case ID) and search for input records by created date or date last updated. Additionally, the input record version (date) will now display in the search results for each record.

Case Review Screen

  • We have added a new “status” drop down which will allow for bulk dispositioning of similar matches
  • An “expand all/ collapse all” button will allow users to see all matches within a sub-case in an expanded view
  • Highlighting enhancements have been included to accommodate input record that includes punctuation
  • The match sort order will now adjust based on the hierarchy set up in the dataset workflow configuration
  • The available statuses in the drop down (when changing the status of a match) will now be populated and limited based on what the user is permitted to do in the workflow configuration
  • The “Passed-By-Rules” tool tip will always display for appropriate match/status types
  • The screening history information will consistently remain present on the screen, even when navigating through different matches
  • The last twenty records will always be displayed in the screening history and the sort order has been improved to ensure that the most recent activity is found first.

Screening History Page

We have added new functionality to allow users to restart imports when they have failed or errored out.

Other Enhancements

ASM and ASM Web Service are now compatible with WebLogic 12c.

Version 3.3 Document Resources

Please click the link below to request the new 3.3 release notes. If you would like more information about ASM, click the link below to view our fact sheet, or request to talk with your account manager to learn more about ASM.

ASM Fact Sheet
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