Compliance Link 3.4 – February 2018

We are excited to announce our newest version of Compliance Link (version 3.4)

On February 17th, we will be releasing the new version to you, our Compliance Link and automated screening manager (ASM) customers. Driven by customer feedback and changing technologies, we have improved the product features and enhancements, for better performance and functionality.

For customers that are on our hosted solutions, you will begin to see the changes immediately after release. Please review your email notification to understand when the maintenance window on February 17th will take place.

For customers that are on our Intranet (installed) solutions, you will need to upgrade your existing version, to begin to see these new enhancements and features. The installation package for version 3.4 will be available February 26th.

Please reach out to your account manager to upgrade.

Below you will find detailed information on the enhancements included, and more information on Compliance Link and the automated screening manager.

New features and updates

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In this version, we have made some enhancements to the file upload process. Moving forward, the following features are enforced for all of Compliance Link, Compliance Link web service, and automated screening manager customers.

  • Files that are uploaded must have an accepted extension type (for example .txt or .csv). Click the link below to download a full list of accepted extensions
  • File uploads cannot be without an accepted extension
  • File upload limitations are now in place regarding which type of compressed files (for example .zip) are accepted
  • A change has been made for file uploads which remove directory control characters

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ASM - New features

The automated screening manager is becoming our largest application in the Compliance Link family. The needs of the market have shifted from classic batch screening tools to less manual and more intelligent accounts screening solutions. Our customer base provides constant feedback and here are some of the features that we have added to provide a heightened user experience:

Customising sub-cases

Administrators can now add and edit custom Sub-cases for more flexibility in case review. They can also:

  • segment GWL, PEP-EDD, commodity and private list matches even further by specific match types and/or list types;
  • configure these new sub-cases to datasets and set-up workflow for dispositioning;
  • assign new sub-cases to users which allow matches to be reviewed in case review.

Dataset workflow re-assignment

Administrators can now re-assign the matches within sub-cases without screening based on new or modified sub-case configurations and workflow modifications. We have also added a re-assignment history page for audit purposes.

Case management service

This new service allows users to receive more information from ASM via a web service.

  • The case detail service will allow users to request and receive high-level case information without screening.
  • The match detail service will allow users to request and receive the information on a specific match and match entity(ies)
  • These services are SOAP services with WS security added.

ASM web service (import and screening)

A new version of the ASM web service that includes WS-security is now available. Providing more security in our web services ensures that our customers are in-line with internal and external requirements. A separate note will go out to current users informing them of this change and how they can migrate to the new service.

Enhanced integration options

Releasing to our intranet customers only, users can streamline even more notifications from ASM into their core systems as well as incorporate notifications based on sub-case status changes/additions. Users can also receive notifications based on match status changes/additions, these notifications are triggered by screening, workflow re-assignment and match dispositions.

Contact your account manager to get more details on further integration options in ASM.

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Version 3.4 document resources

Accuity has separate deployment options for Compliance Link.

Please select the applicable document pack to receive updated release notes. Our support team will send them over to you upon request. [Awaiting hyperlink to form]

  • Version 3.4 release notes
  • Compliance Link administrator guide
  • ASM sub-case customization guide
  • Compliance Link – file upload changes


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