Automatically improve your payments data to eliminate failed payment costs and provide a seamless customer experience.

Automate straight-through processing

Fintech companies, banks, retailers, and more use Bankers Almanac Validate to achieve reliable straight-through processing of payments and to provide a frictionless customer experience.

As your customers set up payments, Bankers Almanac Validate verifies their details against up-to-date payment and compliance rules covering over 180 countries. If something is incorrect, such as an IBAN or ACH number, your customers are immediately notified.

Bankers Almanac Validate saves your customers time and helps you further increase your straight-through processing rates by automatically adding:

For payments within countries that require payment purpose and tax code details, Bankers Almanac Validate generates option menus that automatically guide your customers to provide this information.

Quick and easy deployment

Use Bankers Almanac Validate wherever payments data needs to be improved, including customer-facing products, business applications and core systems. Comprehensive developer and API management tools make Bankers Almanac Validate quick and easy to deploy.

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Keep your data current

Beneficiary details within your database can become out-of-date, causing payments to fail. Accuity can help cleanse and enhance your payment files – either as a one-off project, or automatically on a regular basis – to ensure you maintain high straight-through processing for payments.

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