Bankers Almanac Sanctions View

Bankers Almanac Sanctions View utilises the power of Global WatchList® to match Bankers Almanac’s unique coverage of the world’s banks with comprehensive regulatory and sanctions data, providing even more insight into potential risk in support of your Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence activities.

A valuable enhancement to the process of on-boarding new counterparties and reviewing existing business partners, this premium solution helps identify potential risk for further investigation even before comprehensive formal screening activities are initiated.

Bankers Almanac Sanctions View enables you to:

  • identify entities who have potential sanctions against them, alerting you to heightened risk
  • risk assess current or prospective counterparties from a single source
  • review, export, and print the information using Bankers Almanac tools.

Key Features

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With key features, including:

  • primary regulatory lists sourced from more than 50 regulatory bodies, compiled from verified international sources, matched against the over 23,000 banks detailed in Bankers Almanac
  • potential matches flagged in ownership graphs and group structure summaries, allowing the swift identification of risk within in a bank’s ownership structure that may otherwise remain undiscovered without additional time-consuming manual research
  • potential matches refreshed daily to ensure an accurate and timely view of potential risk
  • changes to sanctioned regimes actively monitored by Accuity’s compliance data team to a rigorous methodology, ensuring the data remains up-to-date and of the highest quality
  • effective assessment of false positives through clearly displayed match rankings and matched data views
  • access to complete regulatory list entries matched to Bankers Almanac entities, allowing the review and export of relevant reports for more detailed investigation.

Additional Information

As part of the Bankers Almanac for Risk and Compliance suite of products, Bankers Almanac Sanctions View is available to purchase as a premium enhancement to both Bankers Almanac for Counterparty KYC and Bankers Almanac Due Diligence Repository online services.