Bankers Almanac: Regulatory Views

Bankers Almanac: Regulatory Views are premium modules available to complement either Bankers Almanac: Counterparty KYC or Bankers Almanac: Due Diligence online services. Each module can be purchased separately or in combination.

Bankers Almanac: Sanctions View utilises the power of Global WatchList ® to match primary regulatory data sourced from more than 50 regulatory bodies against the 22,000+ banks detailed in Bankers Almanac. It helps you quickly identify potential higher risk entities within ownership structures in support of your know-your-customer (KYC) due diligence activities.

Bankers Almanac: State-Owned Enterprises View matches Bankers Almanac’s unique coverage of the world’s banks against detailed profiles of government-owned and -linked businesses collated from over 1,300 enforcement agencies and 35,000+ media sources. It helps you quickly identify state-owned enterprises within ownership structures prior to the initiation of enhanced due diligence (EDD) activities.

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View Sanctions & State-Owned Enterprises | Bankers Almanac Regulatory Views

By highlighting sanctioned and state-owned enterprises within a counterparty’s ownership structure, the Bankers Almanac: Regulatory Views solution helps you quickly identify potential risks that may otherwise remain undiscovered without additional time-consuming manual research.

  • Gain an enhanced view of potential risk prior to formal screening activities
  • Avoid time consuming screening activities when correspondents risk is too high for a relationship
  • Utilise advanced matching algorithms that rank and display match data to identify false positives and prioritise higher risk entities
  • Maintain an accurate and timely view of potential risk with daily (Sanctions) and weekly (SOE) data updates

Changes to data are monitored by Accuity’s compliance data team to a rigorous methodology, ensuring the data remains up-to-date and of the highest quality.

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