Bankers Almanac Payments Portfolio

Ensure accurate payments to and from anywhere in the world.


Save time with accurate data

With accurate bank and routing data at the core of your payments processes, you can improve efficiency, protect your reputation, and build the trust of your clients.

Bankers Almanac is a portfolio of API, lookup and file-based solutions that promote frictionless, straight-through processing of your payments, every time. Accurate, up-to date financial institution data and routing information reduce failed-payment costs and time lost from returned payments.

Product Value

Ensure accurate payments to and from anywhere in the world.

Accurate information is crucial for payments processing. Bankers Almanac collects data directly from banks and primary sources to provide the broadest choice of payment codes, jurisdictions and institutions. A team of more than 140 data analysts working across 20 languages compile and regularly update the data, ensuring accuracy for smooth processing.

Bankers Almanac delivers the data-enabled tools you need to:

  • Validate and enrich bank-to-bank payment information
  • Capture more accurate payment information from your customers
  • Increase the certainty of a settlement
  • Compress processing cycles

A range of delivery methods from online lookup to data files and APIs can be integrated into your payment systems, making Bankers Almanac suitable for all organisation types and models.

Bankers Almanac offers you access to a wide network of banks and financial institutions to help your business grow. It enables quick and easy payment set ups for customers, employees, and suppliers around the world.

Bankers Almanac continues to provide innovative solutions that help banks, corporations, and other organisations improve efficiency and deliver a frictionless customer experience.

Betri Banki uses Bankers Almanac for Payments to Prevent Failed Transactions and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Betri Banki sought reliable payments information from a single source. The bank wanted a solution that would reduce manual effort, allow them to provide a best-in-class customer experience, and increase its straight through processing (STP) rate.

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