Bankers Almanac Global Payments Resource

Get the payments information you need from our comprehensive global banking database. Bankers Almanac Global Payments Resource is our newest and most intuitive solution.

Find everything you need to process cross-border and domestic payments and:

  • Reduce payment errors
  • Determine your preferred payments routing
  • Increase internal efficiency and save time on manual research

Simple and intuitive

Bankers Almanac Global Payments Resource is an easy-to-use tool that provides accurate, reliable, and up-to-date financial institution data and payment routing information. Our team inputs daily changes to national clearing codes, bank branches, SSIs and more, giving you the confidence that your payments will process quickly and effectively.

Our most advanced lookup tool, Global Payments Resource allows you to take advantage of time-saving features such as predictive name search, enhanced filtering options, and partial code searches.

Bankers Almanac Global Payments Resource components:

  • Quality data—SWIFT/BICs, CHIPS UIDs, and national clearing codes for countries worldwide
  • Intuitive software—a user-friendly interface allows you to easily search and find the information needed
  • Customer service—our technical support professionals will help you get the most out of our data

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Benefits of Bankers Almanac Global Payments Resource

Accurate routing data from our global banking database | Bankers Almanac Global Payments Resource
  • Route your payments efficiently with exact clearing settlement capabilities for your code—Wire, ACH, SCT, SDD, FPS, etc.
  • Filter your results by country, state, or institution type to show more relevant results
  • Universal Search allows users to search by common criteria, whether it is a single parameter or a combination of parameters all in one field, to get the most relevant results.
  • Predictive name search allows for quicker look-ups
  • Partial code searching will confirm your payment instruction details faster
  • Code pairing allows you to choose your preferred method of routing a payment
  • Link to the main branch so you can contact the primary office processing the payment if you have a query
  • The SSI information provides greater clarity, including additional details needed to make a payment requiring a correspondent
  • IBAN Validation is also available through Global Payments Resource*

*IBAN Complete – Users will require an additional license to access IBAN Complete through their Global Payments Resource account.


Take advantage of multiple convenient formats

Looking for more ways to use Bankers Almanac data to drive efficiency in your payments processes? You can also access global payments intelligence as a data file or web service.