The global intelligence you need to expedite and improve counterparty KYC risk management.

Bankers Almanac Risk & Compliance Portfolio is a suite of scalable solutions that can help reduce your counterparty KYC burden. They offer a single source for information and documentation to support due diligence and help you reduce the manual time spent searching and collating information.

Bankers Almanac: Counterparty KYC offers unrivalled intelligence on global financial institutions, enabling you to efficiently perform your Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence activities on new financial counterparties and existing business partners. Through Bankers Almanac: Counterparty KYC you have access to:

All Bankers Almanac content is proactively researched and maintained by a dedicated team of over 140 data analysts, covering 20 languages, located throughout the world. They follow a rigorous methodology to provide data sourced directly from the world’s banks. This information helps you make key business decisions, assess the potential risk of on-boarding new correspondent partners, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Complementary products include Bankers Almanac: Due Diligence, containing over 700,000 completed and date stamped KYC documents to help fulfil your audit requirements, Bankers Almanac: Ultimate Beneficial Ownership, providing details of over 9,800 UBOs down to 0.1% ownership, and Bankers Almanac: Regulatory Views, offering early insight into the potential risk presented by sanctioned and state-owned entities within a counterparty’s ownership structure.

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