Accuity Launches KYC Identifier File to Improve Due Diligence Processes

Accuity, a leading global provider of financial data for over 175 years, today announced the launch of their new KYC Identifier File. Providing continuously updated identifier intelligence, including matching common identifying information with newly created GIINs and LEIs, the KYC Identifier File enables KYC operational teams to integrate identifier data for financial institutions directly into their in-house systems for a holistic view of their counterparties.

The new solution works in identifying counterparties that have exhibited the intent to become FATCA compliant, helping to reduce reputational risk and guard against potential compliance failures.

Updated weekly, the KYC Identifier File provides wide-ranging, primary source-verified information that eliminates the need for manual data collection. When integrated into an institution’s core reference database, it promotes increased automation throughout the due diligence processes.

The KYC Identifier File provides access to:

  • Head Office Details
  • Branch Details
  • Swift/BICs
  • Alternative Name Details
  • LEIs (Legal Entity Identifiers)
  • GIINs (Global Intermediary Identification Numbers)
  • Internal Accuity Identifiers

“The ability to enrich existing customer data with these new identifiers and support the matching of entities across databases will assist in creating a single view of the customer,” says Kerry Hewson, Executive Vice President, Accuity. “The Identifier File is another step in providing complete tools to ensure seamless access to accurate data, improved processes for clients to rapidly respond to ever-increasing regulatory demand, and further mitigates risk. We will continue to dedicate our efforts in providing solutions that will support institutions in their processes for due diligence.”


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