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7 October 2013 - PRESS RELEASE

SEPA: A Wealth of Potential Benefit

Leading up to the February 1, 2014 SEPA compliance end-date, corporates must implement the right strategy to ensure SEPA compliance, including converting BBANs (basic bank account numbers) to IBANs (international bank account numbers) with BICs (bank identifier codes), modifying files to the new XML ISO 20022 standard and considering if direct debit mandates need to […]
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3 October 2013 - PRESS RELEASE

Accuity reflects on the impact of regulatory compliance in the Middle East

- Accuity, the global standard for payment efficiency, bank counterparty insight and compliance solutions, reflects on the key trends facing the banking industry following its attendance at the recent  Sibos conference in Dubai. These trends were underpinned by the launch of its new brand – BankersAccuity, owned by Reed Business Information and part of Reed Elsevier […]
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1 October 2013 - PRESS RELEASE

Sibos 2013 Dubai Report

Accuity was unveiled at Sibos as the new brand of legacy organisation BankersAccuity, owned by Reed Business Information and part of Reed Elsevier. Following an initial merger between Accuity and Bankers Almanac in December 2011, BankersAccuity selected Accuity as the umbrella brand unifying the legacy of these two organisations. Accuity’s solutions continue to be powered […]
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Accuity Launches First-to-Market Trade Finance Screening Solution

- Today Accuity announced the first-to-market sanctions/counterterrorist financing screening solution for the trade finance industry that includes a Dual-Use and Controlled Goods List. To assist institutions with solving challenges related to dual-use and controlled goods screening, Accuity has built a new matching algorithm within Compliance Link, its end-to-end solution that allows firms to centralize all of […]
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20 September 2013 - PRESS RELEASE


Where: New Orleans, LA
When: April 19-22, 2015
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Accurate routing data from our global banking database | Bankers Almanac Global Payments Resource
19 September 2013 - PRESS RELEASE

Accuity looks at the implications of SEPA compliance beyond the Eurozone

- In the weeks and months leading up to the 1 February, 2014 end date for Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) compliance, much attention is being paid to how the effort to mandate efficiency in euro payments will affect banks and corporates across the 28-country zone. While the 2014 deadline may not seem important to countries […]
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Automate bank & routing data | Bankers Almanac Global Payments Web Service
18 September 2013 - PRESS RELEASE

Accuity identifies key AML challenges and solutions for banks expanding into emerging markets

- As banks expand services into the emerging markets of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the level of complexity in dealing with multiple counterparties and their associated risks becomes a factor in assessing money laundering risks. Typically these emerging markets translate to a scarcity of reliable and accessible information that makes it increasingly […]
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Bankers Almanac Global Payments Data Cleanse Solutions
17 September 2013 - PRESS RELEASE

Accuity Launches ‘SmartWorks’, a new online global payment and counterparty management solution for banks and corporates

- Today Accuity announced the launch of our new tool ‘SmartWorks’, that will bring together relevant and insightful information to guide an organisation’s payment and financial counterparty know your customer (KYC) processes within one solution. SmartWorks is designed as a way for both banks and corporates to access payment and financial counterparty data efficiently. The first […]
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Bankers Almanac Due Diligence | Checks on correspondent counterparties
16 September 2013 - PRESS RELEASE

BankersAccuity Rebrands as Accuity

- Accuity was unveiled today as the new brand of legacy organisation BankersAccuity, owned by Reed Business Information and part of Reed Elsevier. Headquartered in Chicago, Accuity is a global organisation that supports financial services and corporate customers with established, local expertise through offices in Chicago, Dubai, London, New York, San Diego, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney. […]
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12 August 2013 - PRESS RELEASE

BankersAccuity Helps FIs and Corporates Prepare for the ‘Next Phase’ of SEPA Compliance

BankersAccuity, the global standard for payment efficiency and compliance solutions, continues to refine and expand the capabilities of IBAN Complete, the industry’s most comprehensive IBAN payments solution. In preparation for the 1 February 2014 SEPA compliance end date, IBAN Complete incorporates the checking rules needed for IBAN validation and conversion, including rules defined on country and increasingly, […]
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