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22 July 2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Law Society Endorses Accuity Anti-money Laundering Solutions for Fourth Consecutive Term

- Accuity has been endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales for the provision of anti-money laundering (AML) solutions for the legal sector. The financial crime screening portfolio offered by Accuity helps firms conduct sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEP) and enhanced due diligence (EDD) screening of their clients and transactions, and adhere to regulatory requirements.
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23 April 2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Nanyang Commercial Bank Teams with Accuity and Lyodssoft to Improve its Financial Crime Compliance Screening Operations

- Nanyang Commercial Bank (NCB) has selected Accuity, the leading global provider of financial crime compliance, payments and Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions, and Lyodssoft, its implementation partner, to enhance the bank’s financial crime compliance screening capability.
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16 April 2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Accuity Launches AI-Powered Financial Crime Compliance Screening to Detect and Prioritise Highest Risk Individuals

- Accuity, the leading provider of financial crime compliance, payments, and Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions, has announced its AI-driven account screening capability, ‘Firco Entity Resolution Filter’, which increases the level of accuracy in detecting and evaluating screening matches during the KYC process.
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20 February 2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Skyee Works with Accuity to Raise Financial Crime Compliance Standards Across E-Commerce Payments

- Skyee, China’s innovative e-commerce payments business, has selected Accuity, the leading global provider of financial crime compliance, payments and counterparty Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions, to strengthen and streamline its compliance screening capability.
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4 February 2019 - PRESS RELEASE

SafeChain Collaborates with Accuity to Secure Real Estate Wire Transfers

- SafeChain announced today that it has integrated bank data from Accuity to enhance the security of real estate transactions.
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22 January 2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Online Broker DEGIRO Working with Accuity to Reduce Risk Exposure

- Accuity announced that it is working with DEGIRO, the fast growing FinTech and largest online broker in the Netherlands, to automate customer account screening using a comprehensive range of sanctions and watchlist data sets.
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16 January 2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Amadeus Powers Travel while Accuity Powers its Payments

- Amadeus, a leading provider for the travel industry, is working with Accuity, the leading global provider of risk and compliance, payments and know your customer solutions, to transform its cross-border payment process.
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14 January 2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Accuity Appoints David Wilson as New CEO

- Accuity has announced the appointment of David Wilson as its new Managing Director and CEO, effective 1st January 2019.
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23 October 2018 - PRESS RELEASE

Accuity 2018 payments report finds banks embracing automation to deliver accurate payments and a better customer experience

- According to the Accuity 2018 Payments Industry Report, payments providers are more focused on streamlining and automating the validation of bank and payment information in order to reduce payment failures and create a more trusted and transparent experience.
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23 October 2018 - PRESS RELEASE

Accuity transforms Bankers Almanac to accelerate and improve risk insights, and reduce cost of counterparty KYC

- Accuity has announced a multi-year transformation programme to enhance its Bankers Almanac Risk & Compliance portfolio, that will help banks conduct faster and more accurate risk assessments for financial counterparties.
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