Accuity Solutions for the Gaming & Gambling Sector

Addressing the challenges facing the gaming & gambling industry today and tomorrow

The gambling ecosystem today is characterised by operators needing to balance the ongoing rise in online and mobile gaming & gambling activity happening against a backdrop of ever-increasing industry regulation. We are seeing an emphasis on preventing money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT), as well as continued pressure from industry bodies for gambling operators to promote player safety.

This places the onus on gaming & gambling operators for:

  • Awareness of existing and upcoming AML/CFT legislation
  • Understanding of its impacts on internal and external business practices
  • Ongoing due diligence to protect players and the organisation itself

This solution whilst not simple, is straightforward. Implement a robust solution to facilitate comprehensive processes that reduce all risks related to concerns of non-compliance with (AML/CFT) regulation.

We are at the top of our game

At Accuity we are empowering gaming & gambling organisations to create efficient payments routing and AML/CFT processes as an integrated solution that enables them to deliver a seamless and dependable user experience that delights customers whilst enabling them to remain regulatory compliant.

We strive to be your payment & compliance partner of choice:

  • Our range of payment routing and compliance solutions are tailored to you to ensure your AML/CFT strategy fits seamlessly into your operational processes, whilst optimising your customer experiences.
  • We can provide a health check on your current AML/CFT policy and procedures with advice on actions to identify inconsistencies with the regulations and provide on-going support to ensure you remain compliant.

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Optimising your payment and compliance processes

Accuity AML/CFT compliance solutions enable:

  • Automated compliance screening that can handle high volumes at fast speed –  with increasing pressure from regulators to enforce AML/CTF regulation in this sector, it can often seem difficult to screen customers quickly but competently. This provides fast screening enabling a seamless customer experience whilst minimising false positives.
  • Time spent manually sifting through irrelevant matches to be minimised – with a high volume of customers coming through gaming & gambling establishments and sites each day, you can focus time on only investigating the few transactions that could potentially cause a threat to your business.
  • Improved liquidity – operational efficiencies gained create a positive impact directly on your bottom line.

Accuity payments data routing solutions enable:

  • Operational efficiency gains to be optimised – with multiple payments occurring simultaneously across gaming and gambling platforms, you always have up to date and highly accurate financial institution data and routing information to hand, to ensure payments to customers and vendors go through the first time, every time.
  • Ensuring that customers have their best experiences- providing exceptional services is the cornerstone of growth strategies in the gaming and gambling sector. Our specialist teams create robust payment solutions that integrate seamlessly into your services, enabling you to offer excellent user journeys that your customers demand.
  • A one-stop shop – for managing new customer on-boarding validation requirements to fit seamlessly with our AML/CFT on-boarding services.

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