Payment Services Overview

Accurate reference data is essential both for organisations that setup, route, and process cross-border payments, and for entities looking to develop their financial counterparty networks.

For entities expanding their global network, Accuity makes conducting Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence on your financial counterparties more efficient and effective as well. Our KYC solutions provide unparalleled intelligence on over 200,000 financial institutions to help reduce your compliance burden.

Payment Services Insight

Podcast: The Rise of APIs for Faster Payments

Mark Bradbury shares insight about why payments really fail, and how fintech and modern companies are now turning to APIs for the answer. He also gives tips for processing customer payments as fast as possible, whilst maintaining accuracy and adhering to regulatory requirements. Mark is Founder and Director of Bankers Almanac Validate.
In this podcast you can learn:

– Why payments fail, and what can be done to stop them failing
– How API-based services enable faster payments, and seamless user experiences

Introducing Validate

Bankers Almanac Validate is our API-based product that acts as a source of truth wherever you need it in your payment flow. It can validate payments information in real time as your customers type and help them make corrections before setting up their payments. Our API automatically enriches payment instructions with additional information such as standard settlement instructions and bank details to ensure payments are efficiently routed, without fail across more than 180 countries.

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