Fintek is a leading Investment, Consulting & Technology Transfer firm. It was established by founders and a management team who, with many years of experience, are experts in various fields: Finance, Banking, Microfinance, Risk Management, Payment Technology and Information Technology. We are a recognised and respected advisory firm to many international corporations, leading financial organisations looking for both advisories as well as technology-driven services. Our comprehensive service offering focuses on our clients and partners’ key opportunities and challenges including core business strategy, business operations, technology, regulatory compliance, strategic transformations and customer service. Fintek transfers and consults technology for Finance-Banking Industry primarily with a range of solutions such as AML, LOS, OmniChannel, CRM, Fraud, Treasury, ACM, Big Data, List Service, Debt Collection, Trade Finance, etc.

Fintek Ltd. is an affiliate of Komtek Corporation and, as a Fircosoft portfolio partner, it promotes and distributes its solutions in Vietnam. We focus on transferring and consulting on Accuity’s Fircosoft technology for the Finance-Banking sector.  Especially, we co-operated with the successful transfer and implementation of AML for VietCapital – a middle-size bank in Vietnam.

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