Our History

A focus on delivering innovative solutions

The Accuity story, which began 180 years ago, is one of continual evolution, as new products and services are added to an ever-expanding portfolio of solutions for financial professionals.

The world’s leading provider of bank routing data

Accuity has been providing solutions to banks and businesses worldwide since it was founded in 1836. Accuity became the official registrar of ABA Routing Numbers in 1911, ‘to identify the specific financial institution responsible for the payment of a negotiable instrument.

The premier source for intelligence on financial institutions

Bankers Almanac was established in 1845 as a leading provider of reference data on the banking industry. In 2004, Bankers Almanac, in association with the Wolfsberg Group of International Banks, created a central repository for banks, containing the primary information required by financial institutions to conduct due diligence checks on their bank counterparties. This was known as Bankers Almanac Due Diligence.

Assembling an integrated suite of solutions

Bankers Almanac was acquired by Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier and one of the world’s leading business data and content providers. Reed Elsevier (now The RELX Group) acquired Accuity Holdings in 2011, and Accuity was integrated with Bankers Almanac to form BankersAccuity, which offered a complementary array of payments processing data and risk and compliance solutions to financial institutions. BankersAccuity was rebranded Accuity in 2013.

Fircosoft, a world leader in watch list filtering software, was acquired by RELX in 2014, adding an essential new dimension to the Accuity portfolio of data-enabled technology that delivers exceptional risk and regulatory protection to customers around the globe.  Established in 1990, it successfully deployed its first filtering solution in 1994 and from this the company evolved into what it is today: a provider of renowned financial crime compliance screening solutions.

NRS, a leading provider of consulting, technology, and education solutions designed to help securities professionals navigate the regulatory and compliance landscape, became part of Accuity in 2011.

Accuity, a LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Company, continues to anticipate the evolving needs of financial professionals by powering compliant and assured client transactions to help build an interconnected and trusted financial ecosystem.