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A warm welcome to the Global Payments Resource (GPR) Customer Support Portal.  Here you can quickly find all the great information you need to get the most out of your GPR service.

The GPR service provides you with all the necessary information you need for domestic and cross-border payments from one location, saving you valuable time. In addition, you can now seamlessly validate IBANs using our IBAN Complete functionality which is integrated within the same GPR solution. Accessing this functionality all from one location will save you more time. (Please note you will need an additional licence to access IBAN Complete if you do not already have it. To upgrade to IBAN Complete, please contact us.)

Our Commitment to Accuracy

Accurate reference data enables your payments to go through the first time, every time and into every market.

With pressures to send Global payments at lower cost, into more markets and with greater certainty, it is imperative that organisations have the information needed to avoid payments delays.

Experience the difference dynamic data can make on your business.

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