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Accuity Solutions for the Financial Services Sector

The globalisation of the financial ecosystem provides enormous opportunities to the banks, brokers and other financial institutions that make up this sector.

But with opportunities, come new challenges.

These challenges include keeping up with the ever-changing scope and complexity of sanctions as well as managing an increasing volume of payments. In addition, the global and evolving nature of the marketplace makes gathering accurate data to streamline payment processing and support know your customer (KYC) intelligence more time consuming and more complicated than ever.

Meet these challenges head on with Accuity financial crime screening, compliance, and payments solutions for the financial services industry.


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Lara McNamee

End of year wrap up – Why “Annus Horribilis” & the Chicago Cubs matter for the financial services sector

Amidst the angst and upheavals in 2016, one event for certain brought huge joy to certain residents of Chicago and its sports fans – the Cubs win the World Series! [1] For those outside Cubs Nation, the win ended a 108 year losing streak in baseball which is perhaps one of the longest on record for any professional sports franchise. Beyond that, 2016 brought with it issues of significance for the financial services community that will reverberate well into 2017 and beyond.

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