Financial Crime Screening

Financial Crime Screening Overview

The rising cost of financial crime compliance makes it is difficult for organisations of all sizes and types to strike the right balance between operational efficiency and effective risk mitigation.  

Our financial crime screening solutions use advanced detection capabilities that are highly effective at uncovering hidden risk. They not only minimise false negatives and substantially reduce false positives, but provide a prioritised ranking of the highest-risk, most critical alerts for a more efficient and strategic approach to investigation.

Financial Crime Screening Insight

A Guide to ISO 20022 and its Impact on Financial Crime Screening

Payments are undergoing a digital transformation, both in terms of how they are transacted and processed. The reach of this change is so deep and so vast that it will have an impact on large and small players alike.

‘A Guide to ISO 20022 and its Impact on Financial Crime Screening’ explores the changing market dynamics that have given rise to the need for a common payment messaging standard. It takes a closer look at the benefits of ISO 20022, outlines best practices for migration and provides insight to help organisations better understand the impact on financial crime screening.

Introducing Firco Continuity

Transaction screening – a fine balancing act 
An explosion in real-time transactions means that money is now moving and settling faster than ever. Implementing rigorous and frictionless transaction screening whilst keeping up with ongoing sanction list updates and global regulatory requirements, is a delicate balancing act. 
Maintain a high straight-through processing rate and safeguard your organisation against financial and reputational risk with Firco Continuity.  

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