Executive Board

The Accuity executive leadership team, led by President & CEO Hugh Jones, lead and execute the strategy of Accuity and its core portfolio brands, which provide industry-leading, data-enabled technology solutions from the Fircosoft, Bankers Almanac, and NRS brands.

Find out more about Accuity’s executive leadership team below.

Executive Board

Hugh M. Jones IV, President & CEO

Hugh M. Jones IV

President & CEO

Hugh Jones is President and CEO of Accuity, having joined RBI in 2011 as part of RBI’s acquisition of Accuity and NRS and integration with Bankers Almanac. Prior to joining Accuity, Hugh spent more than 15 years providing rich data streams to solve difficult business challenges. Hugh is also Group Managing Director for FlightGlobal and Estates Gazette within RBI.

Brent Newman, Executive Vice President, Strategy

Brent Newman

EVP, Strategy

Brent Newman is the Executive Vice President of Accuity and National Regulatory Services (NRS) Inc. Brent is responsible for overseeing the company’s strategic development, corporate development and global alliances strategy.

Jennifer Locker, Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer Locker

Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer Locker is the Chief Marketing Officer for Accuity, and is responsible for branding, communications, marketing strategy and execution globally. She has been with Accuity since 2015, and is passionate about marketing being embedded throughout the business and its ability to deliver tangible business impact.

Jay Ryan, EVP Head of Americas/Global Team Sales

Jay Ryan

EVP Head of Americas/Global Team Sales

Jay Ryan is an Executive Vice President for Accuity with responsibility for Accuity’s Americas & Global sales team. Jay has been with Accuity for more than eight years, leading the Accuity salesforce during the company’s double digit growth period.

Sean Norris

Sean Norris

Head of Sales, RoW

Sean Norris is responsible for EMEA and APAC sales teams at Accuity. He joined in 2007 and during his career spearheaded Accuity’s first venture into the Middle East. In his most recent role, he lead the expansion and development of the APAC business, overseeing the opening of Tokyo, Hong Kong and Mumbai offices.

David Wilson

David Wilson

Chief Operating Officer

David Wilson is Chief Operating Officer of Accuity with operational oversight across all brand and product groups. He joined Accuity in 2017 following 17 years with RBI, where, as Managing Director, he was responsible for transforming a number of its business segments.

Tom Golding, EVP Risk and Compliance Product & Strategy

Tom Golding

MD, Risk and Compliance

Tom Golding is Managing Director of Accuity’s risk and compliance business, with responsibility for P&L, strategy definition and execution, as well as operational and client delivery for this business. Tom has deep subject matter expertise in KYC and AML within financial services and corporates.

Serge Maignien

Chairman, Fircosoft

Serge Maignien is Chairman of Fircosoft with responsibility for Fircosoft operations. Since Accuity’s acquisition of Fircosoft in 2014, Serge has been instrumental to the integration and transformation programme. Formerly CFO of Fircosoft since 2011, Serge has had a career in finance across a number of sectors.

Matt Wright

Matt Wright

EVP Client Operations

Matt Wright leads the global Client Operations Group across Accuity and its Fircosoft and Bankers Almanac brands, with responsibility for customer product support, product fulfilment and billing operations.

Yann Dang

Yann Dang

VP of Finance

Yann Dang joined Accuity in 2015, and has recently been appointed to Accuity’s leadership team as the finance lead for Accuity, with responsibility for leading Accuity’s finance business partner team. Yann’s background is in finance.

Tom Van Aardt

Tom Van Aardt

EVP Data Strategy and Operations

Tom Van Aardt is an Executive Vice President for Accuity with responsibility for Data Strategy and Operations. He joined RBI from the BBC in 2010, initially heading technology at Accuity’s sister company, Flight Global. Tom then transitioned to Accuity where he has held senior leadership roles in product and data.

Jason Niederkorn, Head of Legal

Jason Niederkorn

Head of Legal

Jason Niederkorn leads Accuity’s legal group, which is responsible for software and data licensing as well as other commercial agreements, regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, protection of company intellectual property and other legal matters stemming from Accuity.

Jerome Snell, VP Technology

Jerome Snell

VP Technology

Jerome Snell leads Accuity’s global technology teams, with responsibility for development and support of all software and data solutions across Fircosoft, Bankers Almanac and National Regulatory Services brands.

Kurt Gamauf

Kurt Gamauf

Senior Human Resources Business Partner

Kurt Garmauf has been with Accuity & RBI since June 2014. His current accountabilities include leading the people strategy, HR plans and operations for Accuity’s global business; as well as managing the HR operations service to all RBI employees based in the US.