Dynamic Data Drives Accurate Payments

Accurate reference data enables your payments to go through the first time, every time and into every market.

Global payments requirements are constantly evolving, making it harder to find and maintain the reference data necessary to accurately send payments. With pressures to send payments at lower cost, into more markets and with greater certainty, it is imperative that organisations have the information needed to avoid payments delays.

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payment accuracy matters

The risk of a failed payment can lead to damaging business consequences. This video highlights the critical role payment accuracy plays in driving your company’s success.

industry analysis

FX-MM Data Accuracy Survey

Payments data accuracy – the lifeblood of business: This report reflects the findings from the FX-MM payments accuracy survey. It highlights the challenges financial institutions and organisations face in maintaining accurate reference data.

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FX-MM Payments Accuracy Infographic

The importance of payments accuracy infographic: Get a visual snapshot of the full report findings. This infographic shows the hurdles and benefits to achieving payments accuracy.

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Accuity’s approach to data accuracy

Our Approach to Accurate Data

The Dynamic Data Difference Infographic: Learn why we are a trusted partner for our clients when their business depends on payments certainty.

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Mbank Case Study

mBank Case Study: Learn how this Polish financial institution used accurate data to process payments more quickly and enhance transaction capacity.

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Gulfmark Case Study

Gulfmark Case Study: Learn how this marine transport services company used accurate data to send payments into growth markets while reducing operational costs.

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‘The investment of a Bankers Almanac license is immediately saved due to the accuracy of payments. Having used a competitive product in the past, I find Bankers Almanac the best product on the market, particularly due to accuracy.”

Senior Manager, Operations
First Abu Dhabi Bank

“Beam Suntory is a truly global business. We use vendors with bank information in over 120 countries around the world.  Since uploading the Global Payments file from Accuity, we have increased the speed of our automated process for vendor creation. The other benefit is that we can trust the integrity of the bank information in SAP, as it is provided by Accuity and this is their specialty.”

Beam Suntory

“After testing Accuity payments data, we have decreased the amount of rejected transactions and saved time manually searching for correct information. Accuity helps Société Générale – French Retail Banking division to provide the highest quality service to our customers.”

Head of International Payments Processings, French Retail Banking,
Société Générale

“Accuity’s Global Payment File-Plus  is the ideal solution for any innovative financial institution aiming to automate high volumes of cross-border transactions by properly defining its payments routing. The solution gave us a full return on our investment within one year, taking into consideration the cost of the product, as well as the associated project to integrate it into our operational banking system.

In reducing our operational costs and increasing the volume of payments we can process, GPF-Plus has made mBank S.A. much more competitive in the Polish market.”

Transactional Banking Products Division,

“Given the expectations of our clients, the high value payments we have to make, and the diversity of the banks we have to send funds to, it is very important that information is as accurate as possible. Bankers Almanac is easy to navigate around, provides accurate information and is available 24/7. Payments are delivered on time to our clients which means no complaints, no financial losses and no reputational damage.”

Finance Manager
UK Global Corporate