Firco Filter – Algorithm Training

Fighting financial crime has become increasingly complex and challenging for financial institutions.  Regulators require more transparency and therefore compliance teams must prove they have control of their screening processes and be able to demonstrate full understanding. They need to know how their filter works, as well as the setting they have chosen based on their risk appetite.

To help support you, Accuity is offering a comprehensive course, Firco Filter – Algorithm Training. Aimed at Compliance Officers, Project Managers or Operations Teams in charge of implementing compliance decisions.

Algorithms settings are presented, by categories, in a methodical way:

  • The history behind the creation of algorithm
  • The typical screening context (Transaction/Account)
  • The related filtering features (combinations of algorithms and other settings)
  • The behavior and impact ON/OFF
  • The context of deactivation, associated risks and alternatives
  • The industry practices regarding algorithms

The course is designed to be interactive with exercises, Q&A and compliance questions. It has been specifically built to help substantiate decisions to regulators and / or auditors.

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Algorithms lie at the heart of Firco Enterprise solutions. They have been created with and for Fircosoft customers in order to solve broad screening concerns shared by most financial institutions or to cope with specific regional issues. Understanding algorithms is key to understand how Firco Filter is working.

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