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5 January 2018 - Accuity Insights

What faster payments means for anti-money laundering compliance

- The global phenomenon of faster payments is having an impact on operational issues related to anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. Faster payments are a response to the need to modernise current payment settlement networks as a result of market, technology and demographic trends. Faster payment networks provide benefits to the three major participant groups: corporations, consumers […]
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22 November 2017 - Accuity Insights

Paradise Papers or Panama Papers? Any change to the global financial system?

- The so-called Paradise Papers is another in a long list of leaks that forces money laundering into the open: The Panama Papers, Wikileaks in 2010, Luxembourg tax files in 2014 and HSBC in 2015. The Paradise Papers are essentially version 2.0 of the Panama Papers, albeit smaller with 1.4 terabytes of data leaked compared with […]
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30 March 2017 - Accuity Insights

The Panama Papers first anniversary: Have we increased transparency and reduced corruption?

As we approach the first anniversary of the Panama Papers scandal that broke around the world on 3rd April 2016[1], it is useful to reflect on the impact this scandal has had in improving transparency and reducing corruption.  The scale of the leaked data was massive, including 11.5 million records with details on more than […]
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4 January 2017 - Accuity Insights

End of year wrap up – Why “Annus Horribilis” & the Chicago Cubs matter for the financial services sector

Amidst the angst and upheavals in 2016, one event for certain brought huge joy to certain residents of Chicago and its sports fans – the Cubs win the World Series! [1] For those outside Cubs Nation, the win ended a 108 year losing streak in baseball which is perhaps one of the longest on record […]
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27 July 2016 - Accuity Insights

Will Hong Kong’s crackdown on money laundering harm the economy?

The announcement in June by Hong Kong’s securities regulators related to the spike in breaches of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rule is provoking discussions in the regional financial community as to how these crackdowns impact Hong Kong’s future economic growth. As it stands, the IMF recently cut Hong Kong’s economic growth forecast from 2.7% to […]
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9 June 2015 - Accuity Insights

The International Ambition for Faster Payments

There is increasing pressure to clear payments in real time, especially with recent advances in technology and standards.  Sarkis Akmakjian, Senior Director Product Management discusses how the introduction of the ISO 20022 standard is affecting the push for faster payments and sounds a cautionary note. The payments industry everywhere is talking about faster payments. The […]
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20 May 2015 - Accuity Insights

The FinTech Market is Red Hot!

When Goldman Sachs decides to make serious investments into the FinTech market, you know there is something going on (1). According to the Economist,  in 2014, there was $12 billion of investment up from $4 billion in 2013 (2).  What gives? The answer is pretty simple.  These new FinTech disruptors promise to cut costs and improve […]
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15 May 2015 - Accuity Insights

Stay Ahead of Sanctions Busters

Don’t fall foul of sanctions busters who try to trade with blacklisted states, warns Accuity. Global trade opens up a world of opportunities. Businesses can find themselves trading with companies from Guatemala to Macao. But exporters will pretty soon start to deal with some unfamiliar parts of the world. In particular, they face the troubling […]
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13 May 2015 - Accuity Insights

Understanding the Challenges of Trade Based Money Laundering

In this video post, Henry Balani explains the challenge of identifying and addressing trade based money laundering issues.
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13 May 2015 - Accuity Insights

How Accuity Can Help You

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