‘Twas the Night of Risk and Compliance

‘Twas the night of risk and compliance, when all through fintech
Not a regulator was stirring, sanctions screening had all been checked;
Watch lists were filtered with the utmost of care,
To identify Politically Exposed Persons who might be there.

Compliance departments were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of Anti-Money Laundering software danced in their heads.
With analytics and risk policies working in sync,
Automated, optimized transaction and account screening happen in a blink.

While over in payments there wasn’t any stress,
With the most trusted bank and routing data, it’s no longer a guess.
Payment codes, clearing systems, and SSIs to do business in every nation
Eliminating failed payments so banks and treasury can protect their reputation

And as regulatory rules and requirements constantly shift
An interactive, financial counterparty KYC solution is this year’s hottest gift.
Know immediately which correspondent banks are naughty or nice
Identify, verify and assess the risk that will suffice

Want to screen the bundle of “goods” St. Nicholas flung in his sleigh?
And understand which are dual-use and if their final destination is okay?
When what to your wondering eyes should appear,
But an easy way to manage trade compliance so you’re in the clear.

From corporations to governments, and insurance to banking,
With accuracy and dependability, the competition you’ll be outflanking
With regulator-ready documentation, it’s hotter than a flame,
Customers are calling for financial crime screening, KYC and optimized payments by name!

“Now Fircosoft! now KYC! and the Bankers Almanac!
New innovations and industry expertise are keeping risk and compliance on the right track!
And hear all your users exclaim, confident the data and filters are right,
Accuity to all, and to all a good-night!”