Intern Insight: My Summer at Accuity

Victoria Sotirova, an undergraduate at the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science and the Arts, reflects on her summer internship at Accuity. 

“If offered a seat at the table, take it.”Victoria Sotirova

This was just one of the amazing pieces of career advice provided to the Accuity Summer Intern Class of 2019.

From my very first day at Accuity, our intern class was supported by professionals who were willing to provide their unique insights, offer their time to help us learn, and most importantly, treated us as peers and allowed us to play an important role in many client-facing projects across the organization.

For example, the interns attended “Recipes for Success,” weekly presentations by senior managers to provide perspectives about the industry, innovations, business challenges, and instrumental tips for professional and personal growth. I learned about the impactful contributions Accuity offers by providing innovative solutions and a diverse portfolio of financial crime screening and payment processing solutions.

Every day at Accuity was unique due to the range of perspectives we were exposed to. During my time, I was able to speak to experts in the field around the world, including London and Singapore, which reinforced the global aspect of the company.

Having this access to senior managers also allowed us to tackle a dynamic summer intern project. Collaborating with all the interns and professionals across the company, we were tasked with understanding what each department did across the organization – from marketing to sales to product development. We then created content pieces for our intranet that highlighted how they all work and interconnect for the purposes of HR, on-boarding, improved teamwork, and better awareness across the company.

Our recommendations and content were presented to the company, including senior executives, and were undertaken upon our departure – this was an experience that demonstrated that Accuity valued our contributions as interns, and gave us a better sense of how to manage projects, work across different groups, and improve our presentation skills.

Apart from the project, my day to day responsibilities included working with the marketing and communications team. The projects I completed ranged from presenting marketing metrics and offering recommendations to positively increase results, to providing public relations recommendations for external events, and creating detailed training content for the sales team to refer to when attending events. It was truly a well-rounded experience that showed me how the different elements of marketing can have an impact on the business.

Work Can Be Fun

While my summer was filled with challenging work and projects, Accuity recognized the importance of sustaining a proper work-life balance.

During the work week, we were encouraged to attend yoga, meditation, and play foosball as ways to get to know each other in a casual environment.

Additionally, Accuity recognized the importance of giving back to the community. Through volunteering at Random Acts of Flowers, an organization that works to enhance the emotional well-being of individuals in health care facilities. Through crafting recycled flowers, interns were able to make a direct impact on the community. It was refreshing to see how the company encourages all employees to donate their time to different charities around the world.

Part of the Action

Upon completing my internship with Accuity, I am leaving with a breadth of invaluable experience, a supportive network, a refined personal brand, and a seat at the table.

I was offered the opportunity to voice my knowledge at meetings, ask questions during presentations, make contributions to the marketing and communications department, and offer recommendations for the future of Accuity.

It was filled with unparalleled experiences that will continue to shape my professional and personal outlook. Thanks Accuity!

Accuity Summer Interns 2019

Accuity Summer Intern Class of 2019