Best of the Blogs: Summer 2020 Edition

We are taking a look back at our top five visited blogs for the first half of 2020*. Leading the way is our blog series on the emerging ISO 20022 payments standard; closely followed by the impact of Covid-19 on both KYC technology and the sanctions landscape. Catch up on the blogs here:

1. Evolving Payment Infrastructures and ISO 20022: Where Are We Now?

The most-read Accuity blog during the first half of the year was from our ISO 20022 series. It examined the implications of ISO 20022 on financial crime screening, as the global payments ecosystem continues to undergo a digital transformation.

2. COVID-19 is Changing KYC and Technology in APAC

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world in ways that will linger long after the virus has been brought under control. This blog explored how the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing a change in the way the technology, people and processes need to come together to help manage daily operations across financial services.

3. ISO 20022: Shaping the Future Payments Ecosystem

Continuing with the ISO 20022 theme, our third highest viewed blog in 2020 reviewed how the need for fast, accurate and efficient cross-border payments is driving initiatives such as ISO 20022. It delved into what the new payment standard means for financial institutions.

4. Enforcing Sanctions During a Global Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on every facet of our lives. It has also made firms more vigilant to potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited if the global financial infrastructure was weakened. This blog looked at how sanctions fit into this unprecedented turn of events.

5. ISO 20022 Migration: A Moving Target

The ISO 20022 series continued, explaining how the adoption of ISO 20022 messaging is either planned or underway across all major high value payment systems (HVPS) and payment market infrastructures worldwide. We examined the shifting migration deadline and key considerations for a smooth transition.

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*Top five blogs were all published in 2020.