Best of the Blogs: Summer 2019 Edition

We are taking a look back at our top five most visited blogs for the first half of 2019. From diversity to financial crime screening, and payments ecosystems to a new Bankers Almanac KYC API – we covered a number of emerging industry trends.

1. Disruption Through Diversity and Empowerment

The most-read Accuity blog of the first half of 2019 is part of a series of blogs celebrating diversity. It discussed the importance of fostering a culture of innovation and understanding different perspectives, to generate new ideas that push the industry forward. Neela Das, Head of Innovation at Accuity, gave her thoughts on working in a disruptive industry and what diversity and empowerment mean to her.

2. The New Normal of the Payments Ecosystem: Demand of Excellent Customer Experiences and Increasing Industry Regulation

John Eggleton, Accuity Product Marketing Manager for Payments, took an in-depth look into the results of a recent Accuity Payments Industry Survey, in which 94 percent of banks and payment service providers (PSPs) cited ‘protecting organisational reputation and existing customer relationships’ as integral to the payments process.

3. Making KYC Scalable and Sustainable with the New Bankers Almanac API

Dalbir Sahota, Head of Bankers Almanac KYC at Accuity, discussed the latest innovation in the Bankers Almanac portfolio: an API that streamlines KYC. The new product represented an exciting stride forward in the evolution of Bankers Almanac, which has been a lifeline for banks for almost 175 years.

4. Lessons Learnt from the Nordic Region’s Financial Crime Challenges

Financial institutions in the Nordic region have recently made headlines concerning a series of significant money laundering lapses. News stories on this topic have focused on fines but this blog investigates how, in the background, firms are making organisational changes, shifting mind-sets and enhancing their systems and processes for the better.

5. Five Best Practices for Adverse Media Screening

Of all the risks faced by financial institutions, identifying Reputationally Exposed Persons (REPs) in adverse media screening is the one most likely to fall under the radar. This blog offered five pieces of best practice advice for organisations looking to avoid the pitfalls.

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