Best of the Blogs 2019

Blog imageAs a brand new decade gets underway, we’re taking a reflective look back at our top five most visited blogs of 2019. From Adverse Media Screening to Trade Compliance, and Payments Ecosystems to making KYC scalable – we covered a number of emerging industry trends throughout the year.

  1. Five Best Practices for Adverse Media Screening Out of all the risks faced by financial institutions, identifying Reputationally Exposed Persons (REPs) in adverse media is the one that is most likely to fall under the radar. As we hit the ‘roaring 20s’ the top five best practices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your adverse media screening program is just as relevant today.
  2. Making KYC Scalable and Sustainable with the New Bankers Almanac API The REST API employed by Accuity has been at the heart of many transformational changes in financial services and technology over the last decade. With the Bankers Almanac: KYC API, we are enabling banks to tie their risk management processes more tightly to their overall operational infrastructure.
  3. Lessons Learnt from the Nordic Region’s Financial Crime Challenges Understand how financial institutions in the Nordic region had made headlines concerning a series of significant money laundering lapses, which surfaced as a result of the publication of the Berlingske Report.
  4. The New Normal of the Payments Ecosystem: Demand of Excellent Customer Experiences and Increasing Industry Regulation With competition and innovation increasing, and the driving speed of change in the payment ecosystem for meeting ever increasing customer expectations for excellent payments experiences, this blog looked into how meeting those market demands is now the ‘new normal’.
  5. Shipping Industry in Direct Path of Brewing OFAC Storm With advisory documentation updated by OFAC in Q2 2019 to raise awareness of some of the deceptive shipping practices employed by North Korea, we examined why the trade finance community were pivotal in preventing commodities from reaching embargoed countries.

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