Best of the Blog 2018

Blog imageAs 2019 gets underway, we’re taking a reflective look back at our top five most visited blogs of 2018. From Shipping to Sanctions Screening, and Faster Payments to Real Estate – we covered a number of emerging industry trends throughout last year.

1. Navigating trade finance: how should banks monitor suspicious shipping activity?

Number one on the list of most-read blogs is our examination of illicit shipping activity, which remains a prominent issue today. We explored why financial institutions need to closely monitor the trades they finance, to ensure they don’t violate international sanctions.

2. What faster payments means for anti-money laundering compliance

New regulations, the demand for faster payments and evolving payment infrastructures are just a few of the many compliance challenges financial institutions face. This blog looked into how anti-money laundering and KYC compliance regulations are impacted by the adoption of instant payments.

3. Partially legalised marijuana businesses – how can banks perform their due diligence and protect themselves?

Learn more about the struggle of Marijuana businesses to gain access to banking services and how data offers a new dimension to the debate, in the third entry of our most-read Accuity blogs of 2018.

4. A new era for sanctions screening

Sophie Lagouanelle, Head of Financial Crime Screening at Accuity, took a look at the sanctions landscape, why regulators have become more serious about the quality of financial crime screening programmes, and how institutions around the world need to be prepared.

5. Real Estate Spotlight Series: The UK cracks down on money laundering through property and estate agents join the battle – like it or not

Part of a series of blogs on real estate, this article looked into how the UK is cracking down on money laundering through property transactions – a growing trend to be aware of in the ongoing fight against financial crime.

To read more, take a look at the full list of topics covered on the Accuity Insights Blog.