Accuity Launches Next Generation of Dual-Use Goods Screening Solution

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Accuity, the leading global provider of Risk and Compliance, Payments and Know Your Customer solutions, has launched a new screening solution to help companies tackle the emerging requirement to identify dual-use and controlled goods in trade.

Accuity launched the first version of its market-leading screening solution in 2012, which is currently being used by banks across the world. Since then, the regulatory environment has become more complex and demanding, with an increasing expectation that dual-use goods are to be screened in every transaction, not just those considered to be ‘high risk’. Based on this evolving need, Accuity has now launched the next generation of its dual-use goods screening solution.

When developing a solution for dual-use goods screening, it became apparent that there is often a gap between the letter of the law and the realities of trade documentation, making it difficult for companies to determine the risk of the merchandise being traded. In addition, companies felt that being able to decipher whether merchandise was for civilian or military purposes required technical knowledge. Companies often told us:

we are not chemists or engineers, this is too difficult.

With this in mind, Accuity sought to create a solution that would give companies confidence in their goods screening operations.

Rabobank, one of the first adopters of Accuity’s Trade Finance solution said:

Accuity’s new Compliance Link solution for Trade Finance allows us to screen for dual-use goods and high risk goods on every trade transaction, decreasing our exposure to risk in trade finance.

Describing the new solution, Accuity’s CEO Hugh Jones said:

There is unprecedented regulatory focus in this area, and our unique screening tool helps companies demystify the opaque language of regulation, enabling them to make better decisions.

About the product

Based on extensive research and customer insight, including a survey of 8,000 institutions and nearly 60 in-depth meetings with banks, regulators, and subject matter experts, Accuity has developed a new algorithm and data enhancements enabling firms to systematically screen for dual use goods in the same way they would screen the counterparties, vessel, or trade ports. The enhanced data includes:

  • Synonyms
  • Chemicals names and formulas
  • Product names for military armaments (e.g. AK47)
  • The ability to search by TARIC or Harmonised codes.

Accuity is currently working with a small, select group of beta customers to test the new product; once testing is complete all existing customers will be able to upgrade to the new solution. In addition, the new dual-use goods solution can be delivered in a number of formats:

  • Via Accuity’s Compliance Link for Trade Finance
  • As an online lookup tool
  • As an API that can be integrated with existing systems