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21 March 2016 - Accuity Insights

4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive – how does it affect you?

By Nina Kerkez, Senior Product Manager, KYC Solutions, Accuity Ten years on since the passing of the Third Money Laundering Directive, the EU 4th Money Laundering Directive (4MLD) was finally approved in May 2015 by the European Parliament. During those ten years, the financial industry has faced many challenges and changes which have put more […]
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15 March 2016 - Accuity Insights

Sanctions and compliance issues in Iran, North Korea, Burma / Myanmar – highlights from an ACAMS discussion

Speakers & Panellists from US Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), US Department of State, Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) & Banks converged on March 7th, Monday at Peninsula Hotel in Singapore for a dialogue on sanctions and compliance issues related to Iran, North Korea, Burma/Myanmar and other countries […]
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4 March 2016 - Accuity Insights

Trade Finance: The new frontline in the battle in the prevention of money laundering & terrorist financing

Combatting trade-based money laundering (TBML) gains momentum in Asia-Pacific.
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18 February 2016 - Accuity Insights

Soaring real estate prices and money laundering – a possible connection?

Money laundering comes in various guises – from the simple, where bags of ill-gotten cash are passed around, to the complex, where large sums of cash are laundered through complex trade finance instruments. Somewhere along this spectrum is money laundering through the buying and selling of real estate, particularly through all-cash transactions.  This phenomenon seems to […]
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20 January 2016 - Accuity Insights

Iran Sanctions: Challenges and Opportunities

U.S. and European Union sanctions on Iran were finally lifted on Saturday, restoring the country’s access to world markets. So how can banks and businesses which were previously prohibited from dealing with Iranian entities, now take advantage of Iran’s re-entry to the global economy? Henry Balani, Head of Innovation at Accuity, was interviewed at the end of […]
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21 December 2015 - Accuity Insights

Hugh Jones: Combining Data and Software for Sanctions Screening Success

Insights on why an integrated Accuity/Fircosoft solution was selected by Standard Chartered Bank.
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16 November 2015 - Accuity Insights

Accuity Sponsors the GTR Nordic Region Trade & Export Finance Conference

Accuity is delighted to be sponsoring GTR’s Nordic Region Trade & Export Finance Conference 2015, taking place in Stockholm on 25-26 November. On Day 1 of the conference, Henry Balani, Head of Innovation at Accuity, will be participating in the 12.15pm panel titled, “Utilising digital solutions to overcome supply chain challenges”. During the Q&A discussion, […]
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12 November 2015 - Accuity Insights

ACCPA: Rethinking Compliance in Africa

Compliance is both a global and local phenomenon. All over the world, compliance professionals are constantly seeking local expertise to solve their most challenging problems. The Association of Certified Compliance Professionals in Africa (ACCPA) plans to address these challenges by becoming a repository of ideas, expertise, and knowledge on compliance solutions specifically designed for Africa. In the ACCPA’s latest […]
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29 October 2015 - Accuity Insights

Monetary Authority of Singapore Issues Guidance for Trade Finance Screening of Dual Use Goods

The MAS recently issued guidance for Singapore-based financial institutions relating to countering terrorism financing within the trade finance and correspondent banking businesses. The MAS joins the UK FCA in highlighting the risks associated with money laundering specifically in trade. Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML) is becoming an increasingly great concern for countries that are heavily […]
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28 October 2015 - Accuity Insights

Is De-risking Riskier than a Risk-Based Approach?

In recent years we have seen a significant increase in anti-money laundering control failures. Various institutions have been subject to regulatory reviews resulting in fines, due to the lack of controls and appropriate Risk-Based Approach in place. As the fines are increasing year on year, banks are looking into ways to put a stop to these […]
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