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29 July 2016 - Accuity Insights

KYC Industry: The Benefits of Industry Reports

With increasing regulatory pressure to perform greater amounts of due diligence on counterparties, it becomes even more important for KYC, or Know-Your-Customer, professionals to understand and address the day-to-day challenges within the industry. Industry reports are a great way for consumers to educate themselves on such matters. Industry reports offer an array of benefits for […]
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18 February 2016 - Accuity Insights

Soaring real estate prices and money laundering – a possible connection?

Money laundering comes in various guises – from the simple, where bags of ill-gotten cash are passed around, to the complex, where large sums of cash are laundered through complex trade finance instruments. Somewhere along this spectrum is money laundering through the buying and selling of real estate, particularly through all-cash transactions.  This phenomenon seems to […]
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12 October 2015 - Accuity Insights

2015 SIBOS Insights by Accuity and Fircosoft

SIBOS Insights brought to you by Accuity and Fircosoft.   Stay tuned for the latest interviews and thoughts from #SIBOS 2015: Click Here to access the SIBOS Playlist
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8 October 2015 - Accuity Insights

Faster Payments: The Challenges

Our previous blog posts in the Faster Payments series have established that the general will is there for faster payments and momentum is growing. In this, the final post in our series, we look at what has prevented it from becoming a reality for all transactions, across all borders. There are several challenges that still need to be […]
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27 August 2015 - Accuity Insights

FinCEN Proposes New AML Regulations for Private Funds and Investment Advisors

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has proposed a new rule regarding anti-money laundering regulations for private funds and investment advisors. The new rule would require certain investment advisors to establish AML programs and report suspicious activity to FinCEN. The proposed regulations recommend the inclusion of ‘investment advisors’ in the general definition of ‘financial institution’. […]
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19 August 2015 - Accuity Insights

Identity Matching: The Impact of Geopolitics

Global politics have had a big impact on name screening. So much has changed politically in the past few years –the geography of Central Europe, the situation in the Middle East and changes in Africa for starters – and this has a big effect on financial institutions and the screening solutions they use. Why? Because […]
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7 May 2015 - Accuity Insights

Ripple Labs and AML

FinCEN recently punished Ripple for failing to follow required BSA guidelines related to establishing AML policies. It’s unfortunate that an innovative company like Ripple Labs, whose intention is to create a low cost efficient payment clearing system would violate the law. Certainly regulations exist to protect businesses and consumers, in this case from illegal payment transactions.  […]
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7 May 2015 - Accuity Insights

Sanctions Risk in Supply Chain Financing

Supply Chain Financing in South East Asia continues to grow significantly, off the back of increased trade activities in the region. Based on the World Trade Organization statistics, total merchandise trade (imports, exports and re-exports) between the ASEAN nations and the rest of the world increased by 41% from USD 753 billion to $2.4 trillion […]
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