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Logistics and transportation of Container Cargo ship and Cargo plane with working crane bridge in shipyard at sunrise, logistic import export and transport industry background
5 September 2018 - Accuity Insights

Freight expectations: how is the US clamping down on export compliance?

The freight forwarding industry is a vital component in the facilitation of global trade. Freight forwarders play a key role in the export of goods overseas and, despite having to act on the instructions of another party, they must ensure they have robust processes in place to prevent the transportation of dangerous or dual-use goods […]
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Cargo ships docked on harbour
30 May 2018 - Accuity Insights

Shipping technology is making trade finance more transparent

Versions of this article originally published in Global Banking & Finance Review and Trade Financing Matters. In the twelve months from January to December 2017, over 4,500 vessels in the container, bulker and tanker fleet completed 30,000 visits to OFAC sanctioned terminals (Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and the Crimea). Whilst not every vessel visit […]
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7 May 2018 - Accuity Insights

The future of air cargo compliance screening

Recent news that a Maersk company carried arms components from North Korea to Egypt, in a violation of international sanctions, acts as a fresh warning for those facilitating global trade to be diligent in monitoring and reporting suspicious activity. The transportation of electrical components by a Maersk subsidiary, which had the potential to be used […]
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10 August 2017 - Accuity Insights

Trade finance: is your screening up to scratch? Survey findings from our recent webinar with UK Finance

In June, the fight against nuclear proliferation in rogue states took an interesting turn when China’s Bank of Dandong was blacklisted by the US for ‘facilitating financing’ for companies linked to North Korea’s nuclear programme. This signalled firmly that regulators aren’t only chasing organisations that breach sanctions – those financing the trade will be held equally responsible.
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10 August 2016 - Accuity Insights

Why financial institutions based in Africa should have robust compliance systems in place

Alfred Pobi, Key Account Manager at Accuity, presented on the challenges facing African banks and the importance of having the right Anti Money Laundering (AML) system in place within those banks during the GIABA Commission (Inter-Governmental Action Group against Money Laundering in West Africa) at Praia, Cape Verde where 17 countries from Africa were represented. […]
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11 May 2016 - Accuity Insights

Accuity’s compliance solution for trade finance recognised as leading best practice

Accuity’s compliance solution for trade finance recognised as leading best practice
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24 March 2016 - Accuity Insights

Henry Balani: Trade compliance – digitising the flow

As trade finance progresses towards a digital delivery model, new opportunities to reduce fraud and fight financial crime are opening up. Henry Balani, Global Head of Strategic Affairs, Accuity, talks to FX-MM about reducing manual workflows and creating a safer trade finance environment. Download the full FX-MM article here:
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4 March 2016 - Accuity Insights

Trade Finance: The new frontline in the battle in the prevention of money laundering & terrorist financing

Combatting trade-based money laundering (TBML) gains momentum in Asia-Pacific.
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16 November 2015 - Accuity Insights

Accuity Sponsors the GTR Nordic Region Trade & Export Finance Conference

Accuity is delighted to be sponsoring GTR’s Nordic Region Trade & Export Finance Conference 2015, taking place in Stockholm on 25-26 November. On Day 1 of the conference, Henry Balani, Head of Innovation at Accuity, will be participating in the 12.15pm panel titled, “Utilising digital solutions to overcome supply chain challenges”. During the Q&A discussion, […]
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29 October 2015 - Accuity Insights

Monetary Authority of Singapore Issues Guidance for Trade Finance Screening of Dual Use Goods

The MAS recently issued guidance for Singapore-based financial institutions relating to countering terrorism financing within the trade finance and correspondent banking businesses. The MAS joins the UK FCA in highlighting the risks associated with money laundering specifically in trade. Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML) is becoming an increasingly great concern for countries that are heavily […]
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