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23 October 2018 - Accuity Insights

A new era for sanctions screening

Regulators are getting serious about the quality of sanctions screening programmes. Institutions around the world need to be prepared, advises Sophie Lagouanelle, Head of Solutions at Accuity.
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25 July 2018 - Accuity Insights

RegTechs: essential allies for Open Banking

These are exciting times in the RegTech space, with so many new innovations to explore and much more on the horizon. We asked Franck Lanher, EMEA Director at Accuity, about his experience of improving financial crime compliance processes with many of the world’s leading financial institutions.
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1 November 2016 - Accuity Insights

The need for speed: Accuity solutions improve mBank’s delivery to customers

With many financial institutions still using labourious and time consuming manual processes for managing payments, automation systems and smart solutions are a hot topic. Globalization has enhanced the need for cross-border/cross-currency payments, and a rise in technical capabilities means that your customers now also have higher expectations for the speed, efficiency, and simplicity of payments […]
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21 July 2016 - Accuity Insights

A Growing Threat: Are large global corporations safe from cross border payments fraud and errors?

In February 2016, the Bangladesh bank heist sent a massive wave of anxiety through the world’s commercial banking sector. The industry continues to ponder how this could have happened to the banking network when it is protected by highly sophisticated procedures and systems to manage their complex web of global payments. In March 2015 another […]
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14 October 2015 - Accuity Insights

Mie-Yun Lee: The Future of Payments Innovation

These are exciting times in the payments sector. There is so much change, so much innovation going on and much more on the horizon. We talk to Mie-Yun Lee, Chief Product Officer for RBI and EVP Innovation at Accuity, about what the top innovations are, who is behind them and where the industry is heading.  […]
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9 September 2015 - Accuity Insights

Caesars Palace Fined for Breaching AML Regulations

It has been widely reported that Caesars Entertainment Corp. has been fined a total $9.5 million dollars for its failure to enforce anti-money laundering controls at its Las Vegas casino, Caesars Palace. The casino company admitted to openly permitting wealthy customers to gamble anonymously in private rooms at the casino and also confessed it had repeatedly […]
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