Accuity Client Summit – Fircosoft Financial Crime Compliance Event, New York – Speakers

Our product experts, along with other industry experts will be leading the discussions at the client summit to share best practices and facilitate innovative discussions.

Jay Ryan, EVP Head of Americas/Global Team Sales
Jay Ryan
Head of Americas Sales, Accuity

David Wilson
David Wilson
Chief Operating Officer, Accuity

Tom Golding, EVP Risk and Compliance Product & Strategy
Tom Golding
Managing Director, Risk & Compliance, Accuity

Tom Van Aardt
Tom Van Aardt
VP Data Operations, Accuity

Sophie Lagouanelle
Sophie Lagouanelle
Head of Solutions, Fircosoft

Quentin Barthomeuf
Fircosoft Product Manager, Accuity

Dave Loeser
Dave Loeser
Director, Product Mgmt & Development, Risk Product Management, Accuity

Audrey Lamontagne
Fircosoft Product Manager

Nirjhar Daripa
Innovation Project Manager, Accuity

David Davies
Senior Solutions Specialist, Accuity

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