Accuity Cares

Defining global protection from finance to fundraising

Protecting our planet—and the people who inhabit it—is as important to us as protecting the reputations of financial institutions and corporations around the world.

Through the Accuity Cares programme, we invest in our communities around the world, help educate disadvantaged youth, work to reduce our carbon footprint, and adhere to a strict code of business ethics that supports human rights and fair labor.

Community outreach and fundraising

In addition to investing in the communities where we work, we encourage our employees to engage their expertise for local charities. All members of our team are provided with paid time off to volunteer, allowing them to assist in renovation projects, aid in organisational financial planning, or help feed the homeless.

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Human rights protections

As part of the global task force to combat human trafficking, we align ourselves with organisations making an impact to end the trade exploitation of men, women, and children worldwide. Our staff volunteers with the Salvation Army, Traffick-Free, and Teen Living Program and Shelter, among others and creates care packages for victims and survivors. We are also signatories of the United Nations Global Compact.


Education and the environment

We want to ensure a better future for our world, which is why we’re so passionate about educating young people and sustaining the environment. We support scholarships for students around the globe and promote their education through partner organisations. We’re also reducing the waste sent to landfills and supporting initiatives that encourage eco-friendly transportation.

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