Firco Watch List Data

Accuity’s proprietary compilation of multiple regulatory and enhanced due diligence lists from around the world provides a framework for your compliance screening processes. We offer Fircosoft List Services sanction data, a fully optimized and pre-tested solution for sanction screening in our software. Global WatchList® which contains a comprehensive collection of caution lists from sanctioning bodies, […]
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18 October 2017 - Press release

Accuity launches Live Services pilot with global banks

- Major enhancements in transaction screening will help clients be regulator-ready. Accuity, the global financial crime compliance, payments and KYC solutions provider, today announced the launch of its Firco Live Services pilot with global banks. Accuity has been working on its Live Services capability in collaboration with clients who are looking to improve their compliance agility […]
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16 October 2017 - Resource

Firco Continuity industry-leading transaction screening

The world of transactions is an ever-changing landscape. The rise of real-time payments means that money is now moving and settling faster than ever.
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Bern City, Switzerland
16 October 2017 - Resource

UNESCO Case Study – Firco Compliance Link

Learn how UNESCO maintained donor confidence by strengthening its due diligence policy.  Because of its diverse range of activities, UNESCO has relationships with a huge number of companies and organisations around the world. Donors are naturally keen that money they voluntarily donate does not go to support terrorism or any organisation banned from doing business with the […]
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13 October 2017 - Resource

Fircosoft Live Services Positioning Paper

In this positioning paper, learn how Firco Live Services can improve the screening process by removing human intervention while still complying with budgetary constraints and regulator requirements.
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2 October 2017 - Resource

Seminario web: El escándalo de Odebrecht y su impacto en la región

Este seminario web sobre el escándalo de Odebrecht y su impacto en la región fue presentado por Carolina Lessa y Gilberto Pacheco y patrocinado por la Asociación de Especialistas Certificados en Delitos Financieros (ACFCS). Acceda a la grabación del mismo para saber más sobre: El caso Odebrecht La Operación Lava Jato y sus impactos en Latinoamérica […]
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2 October 2017 - Press release

Myanmar’s Co-Operative Bank goes live with Accuity’s Fircosoft sanctions screening solution

- Accuity, the leading provider of financial crime compliance, counterparty know-your-customer (KYC) and payments solutions, announced today that Co-Operative Bank (CB) has gone live with its financial crime screening solution. CB bank had selected Firco Compliance Link to enhance its overall onboarding and payments screening processes. CB bank, ranked as one the top banks in Myanmar, […]
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17 September 2016 - Resource

What is a PEP? Infographic

Discover what makes someone a Politically Exposed Person and how to identify them.
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