18 March 2019 - Resource

Negative News Impact: Five Best Practices for Adverse Media Screening

Institutions need to develop policies and procedures to identify and manage high-risk entities such as those exposed through adverse media.
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11 March 2019 - Resource

The Main Challenges of AML in the Baltics: Infographic

Are you aware of the AML challenges faced by the countries in the Baltics? Accuity surveyed businesses in the Baltics to gain insights into their greatest AML challenges. Download the Accuity Infographic and discover what we found, which includes the following: Interesting discoveries on how confident businesses are in their current compliance systems Key challenges in […]
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5 March 2019 - Accuity Insights

Accuity Wins XCelent Customer Base Award for Firco Compliance Link

The organisations we serve range from banks and fintechs, to insurance firms, airlines, law firms, gaming companies, and everything in between. This blog looks at the wide variety of industries and regions in which our solution is helping improve financial crime compliance screening across customer accounts, transactions and trade.
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5 March 2019 - Resource

Celent Solutions for Watchlist Screening: 2018 ABCD Vendor View

Industry analyst firm Celent recently analysed the vendor marketplace to produce its ABCD vendor view of solutions for watchlist screening. Based on feedback from clients, Firco Compliance Link was awarded the Customer Base Award.
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20 February 2019 - Press release

Skyee Works with Accuity to Raise Financial Crime Compliance Standards Across E-Commerce Payments

- Skyee, China’s innovative e-commerce payments business, has selected Accuity, the leading global provider of financial crime compliance, payments and counterparty Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions, to strengthen and streamline its compliance screening capability.
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20 February 2019 - Resource

Golomt Bank Case Study

Golomt Bank implemented data enhancements by using Accuity’s compliance solution to ensure its processes met both international standards and domestic regulatory requirements.
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22 January 2019 - Press release

Online Broker DEGIRO Working with Accuity to Reduce Risk Exposure

- Accuity announced that it is working with DEGIRO, the fast growing FinTech and largest online broker in the Netherlands, to automate customer account screening using a comprehensive range of sanctions and watchlist data sets.
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11 January 2019 - Resource

Top Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Challenges for Legal Firms in 2018 Infographic

Do you know the aspects of anti-money laundering that are causing legal firms like you the most pain?
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9 January 2019 - Resource

Trade-Based Money Laundering: The US Ranks First in Destination for Illicit Money from Latin America

Trade-based money laundering, typically through trade mis-invoicing, has become the main vehicle for illicit financial flows (IFFs) in Latin America and the Caribbean. Download this infographic to learn more about the challenges facing this sector.
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financial report
4 January 2019 - Resource

Asia’s Top Financial Crime Screening Challenges

We conducted a market survey with AML/Compliance professionals from leading institutions across Asia, in order to understand their Financial Crime Screening Challenges.
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